Agenda for next NANOG - interest in domain names?

Tim Salo salo at
Sat Aug 31 16:49:23 UTC 1996

> Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 09:33:33 -0400
> To: "Susan R. Harris" <srh at>, nanog at
> From: Carl Oppedahl <carl at>
> Subject: Re: Agenda for next NANOG - interest in domain names?
> 	[...]
> Is there any interest in a presentation explaining:
> - the latest changes in NSI's flawed domain name trademark policy, 
> 	[...]

While I don't necessarily like the tone of the e-mail message, I think
it would be interesting to hear an independent legal opinion of the
issues.  Perhaps, a little about the legal background, (e.g., trademark
law), a summary of what issues are fairly clear from a legal perspective,
a descriptions of the areas where the legal answers are not yet
clear, and the level of risk to various parties.

On the other hand, I don't know that NANOG is the right forum for this.

Any suggestions for a better forum?


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