Agenda for next NANOG

Vern Paxson vern at
Sat Aug 31 05:42:44 UTC 1996

> > I think your best bet is to run NPD.
> Huh?  That looks at routing [in]stability, not goodput.  Is this an
> intentional red herring?

While the routing study I presented at the Feb NANOG was based on measurements
made using NPD, the daemon can also be used for taking TCP data.  I'm right
now analyzing a bunch of such and hope to have some results to present at
the early '97 NANOG.

That said, NPD (1) does *not* provide any *analysis* itself, just measurement,
and (2) is far from industrial strength.  So it's not something that someone
can use right now for doing any sort of standardized measurement.

Matt Mathis, Jamshid Mahdavi (both of PSC) & I are hoping to get funded to
build an industrial strength version of NPD, along with the key pieces of
the infrastructure for using it on a widespread basis, and analysis tools
for automating measurements.  If this comes through, then with luck we'll
have something to present about it at the '97 NANOG, too.


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