Agenda for next NANOG

Randy Bush randy at
Fri Aug 30 23:55:00 UTC 1996

Hi Jim,

>   I'm not sure we can provide the type of quantitative data your looking 
> for but we can discuss/present qualitative measures we are taking to 
> improve interconnectivity (i.e. more bandwidth).

The problem is that NANOG presentations always say how good it is and how
much better it is about to be.  Not to pick on NAP ops, the NSPa and ISPs
have as well.  We all do it.  But the end customers are saying how bad it
is, and that it is getting worse.

Maybe it is time to get real metrics and real measurements of the different
pieces, so we can see where things are fine, where we have current problems,
and where problems could be in the future.

No, this is not an instant job.  No, it will not be an easy job.  But with
end users whining, and ill-informed press sensationalizing, it's getting
hard to sit through NANOG presentations where everybody says how wonderful
it all is.

As a community of operators, it would be cool to deal with real operational
metrics, not marketing glossies.  And if we have to shut the press out, or
go to a more 'safe' forum, then that's cool too.

We need more Vern Paxson and less rose colored glasses.


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