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Steve Schnell, Sprint Corporation schnell at
Fri Aug 30 21:05:30 UTC 1996

OK, you can color me a NAP apologist.  As a NAP operator I don't have the
resources at my disposal to conduct the suggested tests.  (A couple of DEC
Alpha or other capable workstations attached to the NAP media would be a
nice asset.)  However, as a L2 network operator I would be VERY interested
in learning of my customers' perception of the service provided.


At 12:51 8.30.96, Vince Fuller wrote:
>    > Are there other topics you'd like to hear about?
>    How about
>      Analysis of Actual End to End Performance accross the NAPs/MAEs
>    To be given by each operator?
>    (as opposed to "everything is wonderful because we dropped no packets
>    across ten feet of level-2 wire")
>An excellent topic, to be sure, but how do you propose that this be measured?
>About the only thing NAP operators can directly gather and report upon is the
>"ten feet of level-2 wire".
>And before anyone color me a NAP apologist (I'm certainly not, as some
>interconnect operators can probably attest), this is a serious question,
>not an excuse for any poor performance that _may_ have been observed at
>        --Vince


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