Agenda for next NANOG

Vince Fuller vaf at WR.BBNPLANET.COM
Fri Aug 30 19:51:30 UTC 1996

    > Are there other topics you'd like to hear about?

    How about

      Analysis of Actual End to End Performance accross the NAPs/MAEs

    To be given by each operator?

    (as opposed to "everything is wonderful because we dropped no packets
    across ten feet of level-2 wire")

An excellent topic, to be sure, but how do you propose that this be measured?

About the only thing NAP operators can directly gather and report upon is the
"ten feet of level-2 wire".

And before anyone color me a NAP apologist (I'm certainly not, as some
interconnect operators can probably attest), this is a serious question,
not an excuse for any poor performance that _may_ have been observed at


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