MFS WorldCom/WilTel/LDDS

Paul A Vixie paul at
Thu Aug 29 22:04:05 UTC 1996

> > we can increase fairness using smart queuing and other technology tricks
> If that can be and is done, it's fine with me, but will it be done in
> time?  My growth is already being hindered by people being unable to
> get through the net's core to sites they want to reach.  They leave
> the net, disillusioned.  It's hard to imagine what things will be like
> when the looming UDP-based-multi-media explosion is added to this.

Since I use programmable routers, I plan to reprogram them such that when
an interface output queue is full or getting full, and it's time to do
Van's trick of "pick a number from 1 to N+1 and destroy that packet", the
chance of a UDP getting blasted will be higher than for a TCP.

This is predicated on (1) TCP is mostly well behaved, except when it comes
form a Netscape browser opening too many (more than one) simultaneous TCP
connection to the same destination; (2) UDP apps I care about, like DNS,
will do reasonable things like fallback and timeout and retry; and (3) it
is OK to violate the layering if it makes your network stop melting.

If you think this would be a useful feature, ask Cisco to make it part of SPD.

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