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Dick St.Peters stpeters at
Thu Aug 29 18:47:26 UTC 1996

Paul A Vixie writes:

> If we meter things so that free content is too expensive to provide, and
> things like Alta Vista (and for that matter) disappear,
> will the net still be attractive to newbies?  Will ISP customer bases still
> grow?

I've sort of lost track here, but who said anything about metering anyway?

There are lots of ways to do usage-based pricing that have been with
us for a long time.

> Most people in the internet business (tier 1 or anyplace else) have got their
> whole business plan designed around growth.

Yep, me too.

> Here in 1996, growth is still more important than fairness (TCP vs. UDP).  We
> can increase fairness using smart queuing and other technology tricks

If that can be and is done, it's fine with me, but will it be done in
time?  My growth is already being hindered by people being unable to
get through the net's core to sites they want to reach.  They leave
the net, disillusioned.  It's hard to imagine what things will be like
when the looming UDP-based-multi-media explosion is added to this.

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