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Edward Henigin ed at
Thu Aug 29 02:46:03 UTC 1996

	I take offense at your tone.  Subscribers cancelling due to a
lack of resources is a drop in the bucket compared to other reasons, and
even despite cancellations, all ISP's are growing.

	The point remains:  flat rate systems will operate to discourage
resource use, metered rate systems will encourage resource use.  When
was the last time AT&T suggested you *not* make that LD call?


On Wed, 28 Aug 1996, Michael Dillon wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Aug 1996, Edward Henigin wrote:
> > When services hit 100% resource
> > usage, there is no economic loss (aside from subscribers cancelling,
> > which I won't deal with here).
> This is pretty dumb! If you are going to talk about the economic systems
> aspect of tier 1 providers then you have to include subscriber
> cancellations and company reputation. Not to do so is roughly equivalent
> to discussing why people should use Cisco 75xx boxes and saying something
> like:
>     "aside from the 75xx's BGP features which I won't deal with here"
> > the resources available, then the difference between that demand and
> > the available resources is potential revenue which is lost.
> In an economic system, lost revenue is lost revenue whether it comes from
> subscriber cancellations or elsewhere.
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