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Thu Aug 29 01:33:21 UTC 1996

On Aug 28, 17:25, Roger Bohn <Rbohn at> wrote:
> P.S. Remember the flap 6 months ago when EUNet basically tried to ban
> CuSeeMe for exactly this reason.

Small factual correction: this was in fact well over a year ago (time
flies, huhh?:-), and an outright ban wasn't on the table; rather,
that users wanting to use realtime A/V applications should ask

That aside, ill-behaved traffic will forever be a problem in whatever
network with whatever technology, etc, etc, no matter what is the
cause of the poor behaviour.  The key issue is that things break if a
balanced interplay between networking technologies, devices, and
applications isn't maintained; consider eg the ethernet capture
effect as an example of a new slant on the problem.

There is a tendency to equate "TCP" with "well-behaved", which really
only is the case if the TCP implementation itself is good, and the
stream of some duration.  In former times that was practically always
the case, but today's HTTP traffic, consisting of multiple
short-lived streams, is for most intents and purposes ill-behaved,
though nowhere near as dramatically as earlier versions of CU-SeeMe
(we're talking about a difference of 1-2 orders of magnitude).

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