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Thu Aug 29 00:11:30 UTC 1996


You're so funny.  ;-)

Only Bob Matecalfe's zany antics entertain me more than this [printed]
drivel. Thanks for pointing it out.

- paul
  (speaking for myself, of course; standard disclaimers apply)

At 06:39 PM 8/28/96 -0500, Jeremy Porter wrote:

>Dead of the Net predicted GIF, at 11.
>If you believe Business Week, August 26, "Above all
>finacial incentives for investment must ome into line.  Right now,
>customers who pay a mere $20 a month, can blast the net with untold
>megabytes of data, voice and video.  Without usaged-based charges service
>providers are called on to upgrade their infrastructure with no clear
promise of a return on investment."
>Under the section "Dirty Secret" "One dirty little secret is that most 
>phone calls and videoconferences ram their way past data transmissions 
>by using a bully of a communications method called UDP.  Unlike the more
>polite Transmission Control Protocol, TCP, which drops back
>when it detects congestion, UDP continues at full speed, elbowing 
>ahead of TCP traffic. Yet UDP customers aren't paying anything extra for
>their fast lane".
>Sigh, you should see the section on peering.  Its worse.
>Its a good thing none of these journalist used the train, telegraph,
>or telephone systems when they were growing at these extact same rates,
>or we wouldn't have trains or telephones today.  A little research
>into the growth of the telephone network reveals very similar patterns.
>Clue seems to be a conserved quanitity in the universe, such that
>as the net gets lager the clue-denisty gets lower, thus causing
>most of the problems we see today.
>If only we had been able to get the Network Clue Transport Protocol 
>going in time.  
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