So who the heck is "Wolfcon,"

Jim Browning jfbb at
Mon Aug 26 21:19:17 UTC 1996

I read a Dow Jones report entitled:

	WorldCOM-MFS merger Spells Trouble for Baby Bells

WorldCom (still called WilTel by most Internet folks) bought MFS for (at 
Friday's stock prices) $47.78 per share in stock.  In reaction, WorldCom 
stock is down, MFS stock is up.

>From an operations standpoint, the options of who to work with are getting 
Jim Browning

From:  Bill Woodcock[SMTP:woody at]
Sent:  Monday, August 26, 1996 6:52 AM

    LDDS WorldCom?  Could be...  I got this second-hand from a non-techie
    who was listening to the noon news on NPR, so I have no idea what he
    _actually_ heard.  :-)  That would at least make sense, even if it's
    not particularly auspicious.

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