So who the heck is "Wolfcon,"

Farrell E Gerbode farrell at
Mon Aug 26 20:50:01 UTC 1996

It's "Worldcom", the product of the acquisition of what was "WilTel"
from the The Williams Companies by LDDS.  (The right to use the 
WilTel name reverted to The Williams Companies six months after the 
transaction closed.)

>     ...and where did they get 14.1 billion dollars?  

According to the WSJ story this morning, they didn't get 14.1 billion
dollars....they traded shares of Worldcom valued at 14.1 billion
dollars at the (then) last market close in exchange for the stock of

>                                                      Does this mean that
>     it's going to be even harder to deal with MFS?  Humpf.
>                          -Bill 
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