Access to the Internic Blocked

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Mon Aug 26 18:00:13 UTC 1996

In message <199608260131.VAA65517 at>, "Daniel W. McRobb" writes:
> > Curtis Villamizar <curtis at> wrote:
> > 
> > >We have traced back such "clever" denial of service attacks before.
> > >Within the last 6 months even.
> > 
> > >Have you forgotten that we log and keep track of source/destination
> > >pairs.
> > 
> > I sincerely wish you good luck doing that at OC-12.   If you know
> > a magic technology which can do that please let me know.
> > Doing that at 10 kpps is not going to be a solution any time soon.
> You're kidding, right?  10kpps has been doable (and done) for years.
> Did you forget a zero or two?
> The vBNS folks are about to release an OC-3 header sniffer that runs on
> a Pentium box.  Rumor has it that it'll handle OC-12 as well.  There's a
> presentation of it on the USENIX agenda.


I'm not sure how your mailer got "Curtis Villamizar <curtis at>
wrote:" stuck in there but you've attributed Vadim's comments about
magic technology that goes over 10kpps and other statments of things
being impossible to me.


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