Sprint and Multi-Homing

Marc E. Hidalgo mhidalgo at sprint.net
Fri Aug 23 13:25:55 UTC 1996

On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, William Allen Simpson wrote:

> *snip*
> >
> Gack!  So that's what happened to my network last Sunday!
> Even though the provider from which we get our service claims to be
> multi-homed with Sprint and MCI, when the Sprint link was down, no
> traffic was flowing through MCI.
be more specific. there could be many reasons for this. most of which 
wouldn't be Sprint's fault.
> OK.  I'll be recommending that the Sprint contract not be renewed.
why? because your upstream may have not configured properly?

> And in the $10M RFP that just went out for one of my clients, I'll
> specify during my bid technical review in September that any bids that
> include SprintLink will not be accepted.  Enough is enough.
on what technical basis? sigh


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