Customer AS

Paul A Vixie paul at
Mon Aug 19 05:52:57 UTC 1996

> What's even worse, you have to depend on the quality of programmers.
> Since many programs only try the first IP address in the DNS response,
> you'll get more failures as the DNS round-robins through a down provider's
> address block.  Unless you start make dynamic changes of your DNS records
> based on your routing state, blech.  Maybe I missed something, and Paul
> Vixie intends to integrate BGP-5 and Bind-5.1.0.

Nope.  Not only is DNS not a good directory system (see my comments on
".COM is full" on the ietf list last year), it's not a good routing system
either.  That it can be abused to either purpose is not significant, since
99% of the people and companies who will be on the Internet aren't here yet.

> Under the heading, history repeats itself, sortlist isn't much of a
> solution either.

I coauthored <draft-gulbrandsen-dns-rr-srvcs-03.txt> just to fix sortlist.

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