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Avi Freedman freedman at
Mon Aug 19 17:28:17 UTC 1996

> On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, Jon Zeeff wrote:
> > Not only is it reality, it is, from the customers point of view, a good
> > idea.
> > There is a solution to the customer who wants to be dual-homed
> > to two providers and not contribute to the "routers can't handle the
> > tables" problem.  Just don't announce your more specifics to your backup
> > provider unless you know your primary is down.  Some type of automated
> > script can do it.
> Has any of this been WELL documented somewhere so that when a customer is
> asking about multihoming we can point them to a website where they can
> learn the right way to do multihoming?
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Some of it is at  I'll see about
making it better and simpler - and will add some simple configs that are 
somewhat bit more idiot-proof.

And it has to be clear that if:
a) Your providers will configure their networks to only announce you if
   your line is up (+/- any damping), and
b) You believe that a load-balanced defaul route with 'ip route-cache' on
   will do good data delivery out from your network

That BGP does not need to be involved at all for the multi-homed.


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