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Mon Aug 19 20:13:29 UTC 1996


Curtis Villamizar <curtis at> writes:

> I don't agree that with the apparent claim made by you
> and sometimes others at SprintLink that they are the
> only thing being done.

If I come across from time to time as saying that mine
has been the only viable approach, or the only approach
actually being taken, then you should blame that on 
lapses into rhetoric.

I'm glad we both agree that we are both doing things
to try to curtail boundless growth of global routing
tables, even if our approaches are often very different.

Also, as I said at NANOG, I like many of the directions
you've headed in, and when they can be followed by us,
I expect that us Sprint people will reconsider some of
our stronger positions wrt the practicality of databases.

You also stole my follow-up paragraph with your last
paragraph, too.  :-) However, just to reiterate, the
utility of other approaches is heavily reliant upon the
availability of a sizeable set of tools which can be used
by people in the trenches.  Unfortunately, since those
tools tend to be developed only either by or with lots of
input from people in the trenches, and those people are
busy building new backbones (you are not the only one :-) ),
sometimes the goal seems alot farther away than I'd like
in order to justify manual work to simulate non-existant

>you might want to look at the policies and see if you can
>provide some types of exceptions

Naturally.   Again, I probably come across as a bit
more extreme than I really am.   The goal is not to
unnecessarily make life difficult for customers of ours
or even of yours, but rather to provide some backpressure
against particularly bad practices that would make 
the scaling problems we are seeing now even worse.

Finally, you'll note that elsewhere I've been pushing for
a more tractable feedback system that involves unleashing
market forces upon most of the processes which have been
argued about in CIDRD, here and elsewhere.

I think that this is probably a good direction to head in,
and I would welcome your participation in PIARA land.


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