Customer AS

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Aug 19 21:57:00 UTC 1996

> In my (rather extensive) practice, multihoming by itself is
> usually a major source of connectivity problems.

in my meager and bottom-feeding scum-sucking practice, multi-homing
decreased unreliability delivered to our customers by a factor of ten
or more.

this very moment i am sitting at a site which is single-homed to an
anonymous NSP's major POP in a farming town in mid-Cal.  i can not get
to from here.  yet i can get to my home net, which is
quite multi-homed, and get to cisco from there.

so, as we say in my family, i smell cows.

> It is _much_ better to multihome to the same provider who then
> can take care of messy global routing.

just what i always wanted, two connections to a broken provider.  you
must be kidding.


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