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Matthew Kaufman matthew at
Mon Aug 19 23:25:21 UTC 1996

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From: randy at (Randy Bush)
Date: Aug 19, 15:36
Subject: Re: Customer AS
> >> just what i always wanted, two connections to a broken provider.  you
> >> must be kidding.
> > I guess this brings to mind the question: Why would you want *any*
> > connections to a broken provider?
> all providers break.
>-- End of excerpt from Randy Bush

Agreed. That can't be stressed enough. *ALL* providers break. Many of them
choose different days and times to do so, and multihoming to different
providers causes a huge increase in total reliability as a result. 

Speaking of broken providers, AGIS just mailed me and said that
Sprint is "broken" today, and so they've decided to filter out Sprint
routes until it gets fixed. Anyone know the _real_ story?

-matthew kaufman

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