Access to the Internic Blocked

Golan Ben-Oni bnite at
Tue Aug 20 16:50:32 UTC 1996

> Sorry - we are not filtering. This is a routing problem that I'm sure
> Alternet will fix (there is a ticket open with the Alternet NOC). As I 
> mentioned in private email, we are preferring an Alternet path back to your 
> site and it is dying within Alternet (although MCI is advertising a more 
> specific /24 out of that /16).

> If you tried to contact me, why did I not have a message in my
> voice mail when I got to work today?

MCI and I attempted to get in contact everyone possible yesterday with
their contact list by email, including Allwyn Crichlow by voice mail.  
(They did all the mailing, since our mail would have been deferred.)

Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 17:11:32 -0400
From: Nour Elouali <nour at>
To: markk at, allwync at
Cc: bnite at, trouble at
Subject: Access Denied

vrfy -e markk at
Mark Kosters <markk at>

Is this not your email address?

Since your information was the missing link, it would have been
very helpful to have been in contact yesterday, at 5PM when MCI was
doing initial {mis}diag of the situation.  The feedback I got from MCI
during the last outage was the same feedback I got from them during
this outage - Claiming there was a problem with access-lists - The same
message passed to you, and Kim.

> PS. In the future, we have an email address that deals with this type of
>     thing - try action at
If action at is a better method of contacting you when email
is working, what is a better method of getting in contact when email is
not working?  Considering the importance of the internic's position,
is there a 24hr Pager Number?

- Golan

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