Access to the Internic Blocked

Carl Payne cpayne at
Tue Aug 20 17:26:40 UTC 1996

>Since your information was the missing link, it would have been
>very helpful to have been in contact yesterday...<SNIP!>

Oh, for crying out loud!

"Yes, I'd like to get in on this senseless laundry airing, please."

All those with the letter H for a middle initial: knock it off, you're  
confusing my spell checker!

Kim Hubbard really pisses me off because she knows people who wear the color  
green, and that violates the Freedom of Refrigerators act of 1743

All this business of discriminating against crustaceans must stop NOW!  I'm  
tired of hearing crabs say, "We been dissed, man, we been dissed!" and then  
the liquor store across town gets raided by lobsters.

Oh, and quit doing that stupid macaroni dance; that's how the elevator got  
broken last week!!!

This list isn't the place for this kind of childish banter.  For one thing, I  
expect Kim and Mark and Anyoneelse will respond a lot more favorably if you  
don't take them out in public and say, "See there!  Their skin: it's  
_pliable!_" and make a monkey out of yourself.  Furthermore, I'd be remiss in  
my duties as Chief Jerk Hate Target if I didn't slam someone this week for  

Apart from that, one thing you MUST learn is that the difference between  
accusation and whining is PROOF.  When dealing with the InterNIC, especially,  
proof will win your case faster than a bawl session.

Now, be quiet and go sit in the corner.


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