Access to the Internic Blocked

David Carmean dlc at
Wed Aug 21 15:43:00 UTC 1996

In a previous message, Michael Dillon wrote:
> One thing that would help diagnose the true source of the problem with
> less human interaction required (avoiding voicemail and all that) would be
> wider public access to traceroutes beginning at key sites. There is a
> group of ISP's who make CGI-based traceroutes available from their sites
> at
> In this instance, it would have helped if the Internic had a CGI
> traceroute available from their site but I think it would also be a nice
> thing if the major NSP's would make this same kind of facility available
> from their exchange points.

FWIW, Digex has such an animal which appears to run commands on their 
routers at MAE-E, MAE-W, and the Sprint NAP:


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