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Sean Doran smd at
Sat Aug 17 21:48:10 UTC 1996

Curtis Villamizar <curtis at> writes:

> A /24 in the so called "provider independent" space will be blocked by
> Sprint.  That is what I mean be "unroutable".

Um, forgive me for being obtuse, but what's the
so-called "provider independent" space, and where
is the document that outlines its boundaries?

Also, as noted before, the bulk of the long prefixes
blocked by inbound filtering have been obvious mistakes,
such as subnets in the presence of an aggregate, people
forgetting to aggregate at all, and so forth.  In each
case the addresses were from what appears to be PA space,
in that the blocks in question were allocated to
providers, rather than end users, and were non-portable.

The addresses may well have been "backbone-independent",
however, as far as I understand things, that is not the
same thing as "provider-independent".

Other than that, I completely agree with you.


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