MAE-West FDDI ring split.

Avi Freedman freedman at
Sat Aug 17 02:13:16 UTC 1996

Take a look at the graphs.  80mbits sustained is congestion, yes.
And if you still have any doubts, his message (which you quoted
below) says that congestion is the reason...


> Uhhh,  do all of you know that MFS is splitting the shared FDDI ring tonite
> (Fri nite / Sat early AM) due to congestion?
> 	rob.
>  ----------
> From:     owner-mae-west[SMTP:owner-mae-west at]
> Sent:     Thursday, August 15, 1996 5:12 PM
> To:  mae-west
> Subject:  MAE WEST outage notification
> There will be a short outage at MAE WEST Saturday morning,
> approximately between 12:00am and 12:15am.  The outage should last no
> longer than five minutes.
> During this time, we will be splitting the shared FDDI ring at MFS into
> two segments, each on a separate Gigaswitch port.  This should alleviate
> congestion on the shared FDDI which has been causing packet loss recently.
> Peering to and from some of the stations on the shared FDDI and switched
> Ethernet ports will be affected while the cables are being moved.
>         Steve

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