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Thu Aug 15 20:14:02 UTC 1996


Can we register now and 'pay' on-site, similar to the IETF
registration process?

- paul

At 03:58 PM 8/15/96 -0400, William B. Norton wrote:

>Looking forward to seeing you at the next NANOG, to be held Oct. 24-25
>in Ann Arbor.  Info about hotels, the University of Michigan, and Ann 
>Arbor is available from:
>At the past couple of NANOG meetings, we've discussed the possibility of
>implementing a registration fee to help offset the costs of hosting and
>running the meetings.  With the increasing size of the conferences, it's
>become more and more difficult for organizations other than large
>corporations to cover the cost of hosting a NANOG.  Our survey at the San
>Diego meeting indicated that most of you wouldn't find it a problem to pay
>a registration fee.  For these reasons, we'll be implementing a $100 fee
>starting at the Ann Arbor NANOG.  Our hope is to help offset host expenses,
>particularly for non-commercial hosting agencies. We will also use the funds
>to improve the consistency of the meeting by, for example, providing a
>high-power projector for laptop presentations.
>When you register for the NANOG there will be four ways to pay the
>registration fee:  1) by entering a credit card in the web form, 2) by
>faxing the credit card info, or 3) by calling it in and reading the
>necessary information, or 4) by mailing the registration information with a
>check.  Details about how to do these are on the NANOG registration page.
>Cheers -
>William B. Norton			<wbn at>		(313) 936-2656

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