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Dick St.Peters stpeters at
Thu Aug 8 17:12:55 UTC 1996

>   Hmm... ping -f, spray, they already exist.  While they are occassionally
>   used maliciously, surely they aren't evidence of the death of the
>   net....

Well, ping -f and spray coming out a dialup line won't do much harm
anyway.  But imagine a "spray server" set up on a RISC machine on a T3
somewhere that a hacker figures out how to manipulate from his dialup.

This is in essence the original CU-SeeMe situation, except the problem
wasn't dialup hackers getting the reflectors to point big udp streams
at other addresses, it was legitimate users inviting the udp streams
to be directed at themselves.

And no, I'm not predicting the death of the net.  It will find ways to
overcome whatever happens.  However, it would be a lot easier on all
of us if some things were avoided in the first place.

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