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Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Thu Aug 8 15:55:38 UTC 1996

In message <199608080457.EAA00363 at>, "Larry J. Plato" writes:
> > 
> > That brings up irresponsible users - users who don't care about their
> > impact, and even worse hacker-type users who would deliberately bring
> > down the net if they could ... how long before someone figures out how
> > to make a server direct a Real Audio stream (or whatever) at someone
> > else?  The leverage for hackers could be enormous.
> > 
> > Dick St.Peters,       Gatekeeper, Pearly Gateway, Ballston Spa, NY
> I pretty much agree with you,
> My first thought was this would be a disadvantage, since most
> users have no clue about the working of the net, but they know
> that application <bandwidth hog>  'runs faster' than application
> <net friendly>.
> It's the old grazing on the commons thing,
> Larry Plato
> Speaking for myself

If roque applications become too widespread, a scalable yet "fair"
forwarding scheme such as SFQ will become a necessity (Stochastic Fair
Queueing, for those unfamiliar).  A few routers already are beginning
to experiment with such options.  In that case the net friendly
application may also be the one that runs faster.


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