Quadritek & Network Solutions

Mark Borchers markb at infi.net
Thu Aug 8 04:44:46 UTC 1996

I have the software sitting on a shelf.  The documentation looks 
pretty good and I'll probably start using it soon.  They are on the 
WWW at www.qtek.com.

> Has anyone heard of this before or provide more detailed pointers?
> - paul
> HERNDON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE) via Individual Inc. -- Network Solutions
> Inc., recognized globally as the manager of Internet Protocol (IP)
> addresses and domain names on the Internet, and Quadritek Systems Inc.
> today announced a partnership to provide automated and concise
> management of enterprise IP address space.
> This alliance will integrate Network Solutions' TCP/IP skills, technology
> and proven processes and Quadritek's unique software tools into a seamless
> offering. Central to this offering is the Quadritek Internet Protocol
> Management System (QIP) with its unique capabilities and graphical
> interface.


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