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Dick St.Peters stpeters at
Tue Aug 6 18:17:47 UTC 1996

Ehud Gavron writes:
> 	You've shown usual lack of understanding of bandwidth
> 	usage, conservation, and reservation, despite many comments
> 	from Michael and others.

> 	RFCs don't pressure developers or users, and has nothing to do
> 	with your seriously messed-up religious viewpoints on "retail
> 	networks" or whatever else you were typing while your prozac
> 	wore off.

> 	Please don't make it any worse by	
> 	calling for an RFC ''so marketing can force'' some solution
> 	you don't understand to a problem you can't define on a network
> 	you don't run or ever will grok.

> --
> 	Ehud
> 	Net.signature less than 5 lines, including --	
> 	First Internet service based in XXX where the owner isn't a moron

Ehud, I'm sorry I'm so stupid.  I guess Per Bilse should fire that
other stupid person in his office for suggesting an RFC - but Per's
own .sig is 7 lines, so I guess he must be an outcast already also.
Luckily for Michael, he owns his own network, so nobody can fire him
for stupidly suggesting that an RFC could be used to pressure

For everyone else: I'm not sure what triggers these outbursts at me by
Ehud, but the first one appeared to be some kind of religious
fanaticism directed at my choice of name for my network.  Most people
who get it (there are people who don't) find the choice amusing, and I
have more than my share of religious organizations as clients because
of it.

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