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Michael Dillon michael at
Tue Aug 6 03:15:27 UTC 1996

On Mon, 5 Aug 1996, Paul Ferguson wrote:

> Sorry to name specific products here (lots of folks specifically point
> out cisco, so what the hell), but in the specific case of Pointcast,
> there *is* a knob which controls the time-frame between updates. This
> is, in my opinion, the Right Thing to do.

How would you feel if Pointcast slowly backed off and increased the time
period between updates, but at the touch of a key or movement of the mouse
it would go back to the "knob" setting? Obviously a low volume data feed
like Pointcast may not be that big a load on the net but the heuristics
(which do involve human factors) could probably be applied to a lot of
other things like video feeds that will be bigger bandwidth consumers.

Of course, maybe we could have some sort of streaming feed discovery
protocol whereby a server can detect that multiple clients are receiving
the same stream and ask them to negotiate with each other and appoint a
master client that relays the feed locally to the other clients.

> Perhaps an FYI RFC on application behavior is not such a Bad Thing, but
> it would certainly be a controversial document.

This can be a good thing because it gets the issue noticed and some of the
people on the sidelines go off and do real work that can result in
resolving the real problems.

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