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Chris Caputo ccaputo at
Sun Aug 4 08:26:58 UTC 1996

On Fri, 2 Aug 1996, Dick St.Peters wrote:
> Does nobody else even care that dialup users can request streams of
> far more packets than can go down their dialup lines?

Is this a case of 14.4k users requesting 28.8k audio UDP streams or is the
problem more widespread?

The feedback loop for this branch of the software industry is strange
because the network providers need to be the ones pushing for the software
publishers to minimize bandwidth usage, yet the customers/end-users of
these companies don't give a direct hoot. 

It might be time for something like a "Bandwidth Conservation Society" 
which serves as a watchdog group that pressures software publishers and
bandwidth users in general, to use the net wisely.  A BCS logo could be
given to those that pass certain criteria and customers/end-users could be
taught to look for such a logo.

Chris Caputo
President, Altopia Corporation

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