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Tue Apr 30 20:45:08 UTC 1996

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> Date: Apr 30,  9:56
> Subject: MFS buys UUNET.
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> > As somebody mentioned today, an AP wire story came across this morning
> > that MFS is _buying_ UUNET for $2 billion....
> Many months ago, it was explained to me in great detail why Sprint, et. al.,
> liked peering at MFS exchange points (because MFS is a neutral party, ie. 
> not an NSP) and didn't like hearing about exchange points run by NSPs or ISPs
> (as some of the smaller regional points are).
> Any comment from the larger NSPs about what this does to that theory?
> -matthew kaufman
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	One would have to wonder about Sprints position in light of its
	roles as ISP (SprintLink, GlobalOne) a Telco with an NSF award
	for Internet Services (ICM) and as an NSF NAP awardee (SprintNAP).

	If they can do it w/o conflict of interest, then I'm sure that
	uuMFSMnet can do the same.


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