Inter-exchange media types

Marten Terpstra marten at
Tue Apr 30 19:49:05 UTC 1996

Peter Lothberg <roll at> writes
 * > Dtatacom tests were performed in the 10/100 setup. Obviously
 * > the Fast ethernet switches had an advantage over the FDDI
 * > switches since Fast ethernet and conventional ethernet work
 * > with the same frame types. FDDI switches on the other hand
 * > has to convert ethernet frames to FDDI frames and vice versa.
 * > Todays NAPs in most cases are not 10/100 set up. It is more like
 * > DS3/100/100 setup where routers are feeding traffic into the Gigaswitch
 * > using FDDI and since HSSI and FDDI is using same MTU size, no
 * > fragmentation is involved. 
 * Both 10 and 100 ethernet use 1500 byte mtu.
 * And remember that the characteristics of a loaded exchange is very
 * diffrent between ethernet and token-ring.

And then there is always the possibility to run 100BT in
full-duplex rather than half duplex...


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