Peering Policies and Route Servers

Randy Bush randy at
Tue Apr 30 16:58:00 UTC 1996

I do not intend to dispute your general argument, though I reserve the right
to do so elsewhere/time <grin>.  But there is one seemingly fallacious point
folk seem to be repeatedly making.

> If an organization could simply connect to an interconnect and gain global
> connectivity without paying for transit, why not?

As there are multiple peering points today, and not all providers are
attached to all points, even if one peers with everybody at one point, one
will not have global connectivity.

If one were to permit free peerage to anyone appearing at only one single
peering point, the lack of global connectivity available at a single peering
point would become even more extreme.

E.g. Mary's Homegrown ISP connected to MAE-Miami and not having a transit
provider would not have connectivity to Joe's Down Home Linux Lair which
does not buy transit yet peers with everyone at the Truckee NAP.


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