Routes and routing tables

Robert Bowman rob at
Sun Apr 28 07:51:41 UTC 1996

There is a HUGE problem with regards to this.  When I look at "certain" 
providers and the way they are advertising, this is very common:

etc etc.

They are advertising their 16 right, and then are putting more specific 
routes in afterwards.  Doesn't make much sense, however I can see certain
situations why it is happening.. 

In certain circumstances, the people will advertise every class C in a /16 as
well as advertising the /16.  It's turned into something worse than pre-CIDR.

The above addresses are Exodus Communications.  I don't want to turn this 
into a pointing of fingers thread.

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> As I think we are done talking about DNS, I have been looking at our
> routing tables as of late. I am seeing that many providers with
> blocks of address space do not aggregate the addresses. I think that if
> this is so, there needs to be something done to fix it. 
> Once again, we are not even getting a full BGP table and know that if I
> see problems on a smaller scale, their most be more of these problems out
> there.
> thanks
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