Havard.Eidnes at Havard.Eidnes at
Wed Apr 24 12:05:13 UTC 1996


I know I may catch some flak for this, but...

> [...]  The YMBK proposal from the second NSF workshop will
> almost certainly be the way of the future, and we will see a
> lot more TLD's and hopefully no one of them will ever be as
> ugly as .COM is now.

It seems to me that the problem which pushes in the direction of
lots of more TLDs is fairly US-specific, as the vast majority of
registrants in the COM domain are US companies.  Why, then, do
you want to pollute the name space used for naming the national
domain names with what is essentially a US-originating problem?

Is there someone who thinks that trademark problems will be any
less of a concern by creating lots of new TLDs -- won't a trade-
mark owner be equally interested in protecting his rights in all
the new TLDs, especially if the new TLDs are "generic"?

- Håvard

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