Utah REP

Christian Nielsen cnielsen at vii.com
Wed Apr 24 03:54:13 UTC 1996

The Utah Regional Exchange Point for the State of Utah is ready to be 
turned on. The first ISP/Companies will be connecting this 
week. We have worked on making sure that the Utah REP is able to handle 
traffic for anyone in the State of Utah.

The Utah REP is an exchange point in Utah to bring together all the 
ISP/companies at one point to take the load off the Major NAPS and MAES 
around the country. At this time, it takes over 15 hops, traveles around 
the western US and a 25% packet loss to go about 5 miles.

The Utah REP will allow companies to exchange traffic localy but will not 
be a replacement for their current connections.

The Utah REP will be located at Triad 4. If one does not already have a 
connection at Triad 4 in Salt Lake City, one may bring a connection in. 

More information about the Utah REP can be found at

http://www.utah.net	or

We would like to thank all those who have helped out so far, Bill 
Manning, ISI, Dave Siegel, RTD, for the use of the REP name, and many 

For those of you in the Salt Lake City/Utah area, the monthly ISP lunch 
will be Thurs, May 2nd, yes, I know it is a little past April :), at the 
Panda on 17th and State. 

On Thursday night, May 9th, we will have a meeting to answer any and all 
questions about the Utah REP. Place and time to be announced later. 
Please email me if you would like to be on the list.

And for anyone that has questions, they may email myself cnielsen at vii.com or 
Pete Kruckenberg pete at inquo.net.

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