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On Mon, 22 Apr 1996 19:31:04 -0700  Paul A Vixie wrote:
>One of my clients registered SIKHISM.COM and asked me if I would guest-serve
>the WWW.SIKHISM.COM page.  This being a religious organization, I refused, and
>demanded that he first purge the erroneous domain and register SIKHISM.ORG
>instead, which he did, and so I am now serving it.
>I wish the average ISP would be as insistent on proper names.

It should not be the ISP but rather Internic that does the screening.
In Israel, I wrote the registration rules along with one other person
for all *.IL domains. These rules are given to all Israeli ISPs so that they 
understand the basis for requesting new domains. I present these rules
here as food for thought:

Current rules for domain name allocation in Israel (*.il)
April 1996

- Kindergartens, elementary schools, and high schools are to
  register under
- Non-profit organizations such as amutot and malkarim are to
  register under
- Academic institutions of higher education (with Malkar status)
  are to register under
- Governmental organizations are to register under
- Commercial organizations are to register under
- Internet Service Providers are allowed to register under
- No other domain groupings will be opened
- Domain names are not allowed to contain obscene words,
- Domain names are not allowed to allowed to infringe on
  existing domains:
  example: would infringe on
  This is done on a best effort basis.
- Domain names may not contain the following reserved words:
  example: would not be allowed.
  would be allowed
- Domain names may not use well known geographic areas unless
  they represent an official muncipality, i.e.
- Domain names may be generic in nature.
- Only Internet Service Providers with a valid operating license
  from the Ministry of Communication may register under the
- Domain names are not the property of Internet Service Providers
  that provide the registration services of their company.  Domain
  names are never owned by ISPs - other than those names that
  are registered to run their company.
- Domain names are portable from ISP to ISP.
- No one company may register more than 10 domains on behalf of
  their company
- Domain names are non-transferrable once registered to a company
  unless said company is bought out or merges with another
  company.  If a company goes bankrupt, the domain names owned
  by that company are deallocated.
- Domain registrations must be related to the business or activities
  of the company requesting the domain.  Requests by individuals
  or companies to register domains in the attempt to sell them
  later to other companies will result in all domains owned by said
  company to be revoked immediately.

    The current ruleset is managed by Simon Shikman and an appeals
committee exists of:

          - Hank Nussbacher - Machba
          - Georges Meyer - Israeli Electric Company
          - Linda Perlmutter - Ministry of Communication
          - Izzy Ben Nun - Ministry of Communciation
          - Simon Shikman - Hebrew University

    This ruleset  is being  handed over  to the  Internet Society of
Israel for modification and formalization.

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