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Tue Apr 23 03:22:03 UTC 1996

Sean Doran writes:
>	instead we treat it as (leaving out the '<' '>' stuff out of laziness):
>		<w><h><a><t><e><v><e><r><.><c><o><m>
>	and look up like this:
>		ask a ROOT nameserver for M NSes
>		ask a M nameserver for O NSes
>		...
>		ask a <w> nameserver for appropriate info
>that will scale to a huge number of generally
>unformatted labels for things.

Indeed, but this makes many assumptions, like that all of these
machines will always be up.  Having so many machines is just asking
for more trouble; more points of failure.  And in this case, each
nameserver is potentially a single point of failure.

>This strikes me as a practical way of moving towards
>".Earth" and ".Alt" and thousands of other "top-level-domains".

Blech, not all that pleasent a concept, although with the incredible
polution of namespace that is happen, it's probably one of the only


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