Michael A. Patton MAP at
Mon Apr 22 16:47:59 UTC 1996

   Haven't you guys been listening to the ads all these years?  It's not 
   just a job, it's an adventure!  (Where else do you advertise jobs, .edu?)

Actually, I would have expected this to be jobs.Navy.MIL.  But there
could be a couple of reasons (none of which are good excuses for doing
the wrong thing).  As someone else said, maybe there was an
administrative problem pointing something in the .MIL domain to a
commercial provider.  There shouldn't have been, since it's presumably
a Navy contract, but it's the mind of the military (if you'll pardon
the expression).  The other possibility is the contract went to some
upstart that doesn't even _think_ about domains other than .COM ...


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