other routing anomalies

Avi Freedman freedman at netaxs.com
Wed Apr 17 17:04:16 UTC 1996

> Avi Freedman writes:

> I think that Gordon assumed that I was a GES/JvNCnet employee.  In any
> case, either you or Gordon understood wrong.  JvNCnet takes partial
> routes from CIX.  If they took full routes from CIX and only default
> from MCI, all traffic would go to CIX.  What you want is to get the
> AS for netaxs (and/or hlc?) put into the as path filter list that JvNCnet
> uses in their router that peers with CIX.  Suggest you contact them directly
> if you care.

Yes, we want to get them to just not hear _4969_ at the CIX...

> > I don't know why they were doing it - perhaps they were hit too hard by MCI
> > backbone problems (which should??? be resolved shortly w/ OC3).
> Can you say 16M AGS+?  And of course not updating the filters to reflect
> reality as more people have peered at CIX.
> > Anyway, I don't know what kind of routes JVNC uses or what kind of routing
> > they're doing, but I'm hoping they take full routes from MCI again shortly.
> I don't think they ever have.
> -Steve

Anyway, sorry this got propagated out into public by Gordon...


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