Route aggregation tool runs for MAE-East routes

Avi Freedman freedman at
Wed Apr 17 05:24:57 UTC 1996

I re-ran on today's data the route aggregation suggestion tool on routes from
MAE-East.  The results are at  These are based *not*
on AS-PATHs to determine "ownership of routes".  They're based on next hop IPs 
from a MAE-East router.

The goal is primarily to suggest possible border aggregations that could be
made, for anyone who's interested in looking.  We developed the tool for 
internal use, but I thought it'd be interesting to give it some Real Data...

Please direct any followup flames or comments to cidrd; nanog probably isn't 
the place to *discuss* such things, but I figured it'd be helpful to announce
it there as well.


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