Paul Ferguson pferguso at cisco.com
Fri Apr 12 13:27:37 UTC 1996

Thank you. 

The voice of sanity prevails.  :-)

- paul

At 08:38 AM 4/12/96 -0400, William B. Norton wrote:

>Hi all -
>Thanks for your feedback regarding CSPAN at the next NANOG.  Based on the
>concerns that some of you raised I've decided *not* to send out the media
>advisory to CSPAN and the press.  Issues leading to that decision included
>1) attendees holding their tongues for fear of being misquoted, 
>        "Joe X from NetQ said '....' might be stated more succinctly as
>        "NetQ representatives said '.....' or "NetQ said '....'
>2) the press misunderstanding and then overemphasizing some issues
>There was also a fear that marketing folks might be attracted to the bright
>lights and degrade the technical quality of the meeting.  Reasonable concerns.
>Cheers -
>William Norton			<wbn at merit.edu>			(313) 936-2656

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