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Nathan Stratton nathan at
Wed Apr 10 14:00:11 UTC 1996

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Robert Bowman wrote:

> These whiners will be the same "evil asshole" when they, although
> it is very unlikely to happen, build their own national/international
> backbone and won't peer with the regionals.

NO way.

> Why is Sean getting the pleasant compliments about a VERY logical
> business move on behalf of his company?  People need to wisen up
> and realize that this industry isn't about free things anymore..
> it revolves soley around money.  Anyone that's into free help..
> please call me.  We are looking for cheap labor.

Because UUNet, Netcom, MCI, are MUCH easier to work with then sprint. He
is not just some other NSP. He is the only NSP that will not peer with
me. :-)

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