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Nathan Stratton nathan at
Wed Apr 10 13:45:18 UTC 1996

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Sean Doran wrote:

> | Sean, the problem is that peopel are out to get you. I don't know why this
> | is, but it is true.
> It's because I'm an evil asshole determined to protect my
> employer's interests and make our shareholders rich.


> This is somewhat incompatible with protecting the interests
> of our competitors and enriching their shareholders.
> It is not, however, incompatible with inexpensive access
> to the Internet through providers who are geared towards
> offering local support, nor is it incompatible with
> other clever organizations making money on the Internet too.

Yes, because you can't make money in local dialup.

> Personally, I have little patience for the small and
> not-very-clueful who want to be direct competitors with a
> multibillion dollar company with lots of talent and who are
> taken to whining about my policies and those of my
> colleagues and associates, and even those of our
> competitors.  This uncharitable attitude obviously does not
> endear me to them.

Well I as for one am going to try, hay I am only 19 if I get screwed I can
do something else.

> I would hope, though, that the bulk of our customers
> would be much happier with us driving towards a network
> reliable enough that they don't have to worry about their
> customers screaming (not to mention not having to worry
> about facing some very difficult scaling problems we are
> already staring at), than with us being the Department of
> Warm and Fuzzy Feelings.

I was one, and was not happy at all. The service was vary vary bad, and I
also have people lined up to jump off you guys.

> All of them know full well that the drive ain't easy.


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