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Dorian Kim dorian at
Wed Apr 10 06:29:08 UTC 1996

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Alan Hannan wrote:

> .........  Nathan Stratton is rumored to have said:
> ] Sean, the problem is that peopel are out to get you. I don't know why this
> ] is, but it is true.
>   People are out to get smd for the same reason they have been out
>   to get people throughout history.  He's smart, he's right, and he's
>   moving the world forward.

Sean's smart, he's mostly right, and he's insistant on moving the world in a
direction. Some of us agree with where he wants to take the world, but we do
get confused sometimes by how he wants to take us there.

Perhaps a wee bit more patience, even accounting for his busy schedule, shown
to those of us a bit confused some of those things might make all of get there
faster and more smoothly.

I don't have a particular comment about those who can't see beyond their
collective noses, however. ;)

>   They crucified Jesus.  Let's see if we haven't evolved a bit.

Have you been watching the US presidential race? ;)


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