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Alan Hannan alan at
Wed Apr 10 05:03:34 UTC 1996

.........  Nathan Stratton is rumored to have said:
] On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Sean Doran wrote:

] > | Some providers "requirements" seem to just add complexity for the
] > | sake of complexity.
] >
] > You could help make things easier for everyone to help keep
] > you in business, rather than suggesting that people are out
] > to get you.
] Sean, the problem is that peopel are out to get you. I don't know why this
] is, but it is true.

  People are out to get smd for the same reason they have been out
  to get people throughout history.  He's smart, he's right, and he's 
  moving the world forward.

  They crucified Jesus.  Let's see if we haven't evolved a bit.


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