the Internet Backbone

Sean Doran smd at
Tue Apr 9 22:43:03 UTC 1996

| Sean, the problem is that peopel are out to get you. I don't know why this
| is, but it is true.

It's because I'm an evil asshole determined to protect my
employer's interests and make our shareholders rich.

This is somewhat incompatible with protecting the interests
of our competitors and enriching their shareholders.

It is not, however, incompatible with inexpensive access
to the Internet through providers who are geared towards
offering local support, nor is it incompatible with 
other clever organizations making money on the Internet too.

Personally, I have little patience for the small and
not-very-clueful who want to be direct competitors with a
multibillion dollar company with lots of talent and who are
taken to whining about my policies and those of my
colleagues and associates, and even those of our
competitors.  This uncharitable attitude obviously does not
endear me to them.

I would hope, though, that the bulk of our customers
would be much happier with us driving towards a network
reliable enough that they don't have to worry about their
customers screaming (not to mention not having to worry
about facing some very difficult scaling problems we are
already staring at), than with us being the Department of
Warm and Fuzzy Feelings.

All of them know full well that the drive ain't easy.


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