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Michael Dillon michael at
Wed Apr 10 03:51:50 UTC 1996

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Srinivasarao Mulugu wrote:

> >There are other analysts (myself among them) who anticipate the number of
> >North Amercan ISP's to grow by a third this year from around 2,000 to
> >around 3,000. Yes, there is some consolidation, but this is very little
> >in relation to the entry of new ISP's into the market. 

> Well, one study I came across talks about a major shake-out over 
> the next few years resulting in about 200 ISPs by 2000. It projects
> a decline in the number of ISPs beginning early 1997.
> Of course,some might say, a five-year projection is just about 
> meaningless in a field such as this.....

That's right. The Internet market and the Internet industry is still 
growing by leaps and bounds. In order for a significant shakeout to 
occur, that exponential growth curve has to level off. Even then there is 
every possibility that there will be plenty of room for the small local ISP
especially when you understand how an ISP operation can be integrated 
with a number of other computer/networking oriented businesses.

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