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Wed Apr 10 01:57:11 UTC 1996

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>There are other analysts (myself among them) who anticipate the number of
>North Amercan ISP's to grow by a third this year from around 2,000 to
>around 3,000. Yes, there is some consolidation, but this is very little
>in relation to the entry of new ISP's into the market. 

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>        I see ISPs going down all the time. Plus, with all the new ones
>coming on line, they will not make it like the older times. Unless they
>can compete on service. Even though we are $8.50 more in one city, we get
>the customers from the other ISP everytime.

Well, one study I came across talks about a major shake-out over 
the next few years resulting in about 200 ISPs by 2000. It projects
a decline in the number of ISPs beginning early 1997.
Of course,some might say, a five-year projection is just about 
meaningless in a field such as this.....



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